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Plush Pup LLC has developed the following policies to ensure that we may continue to do business in a safe & respectful environment AND give you and your dog the best possible service(s) we can provide.  We want to continue to “Pamper Your Pet”!


Referral Program:  Client receives 10% off a groom or basic bath for each new client referred to us.

Deshed Program:  We offer a discount for double coated dogs coming in every 1-4 weeks.

Loyalty Maintenance Program:  We offer a discount for a groom dog  coming in every 4-6 weeks.

We strongly recommend that your pet is brought in on a regular maintenance schedule of 2-4-6 week basis so that your dog maintains a healthy coat and skin, and will save you additional grooming costs.  If your dog has not been groomed in that time frame, we reserve the right to groom the dog as necessary and there will be an additional charge if it has to be pre-shaved and/or pre-brushed of long/matted and/or tangled hair. 


Please be on time when dropping off your dog(s) for their appointment.  All dogs need to be dropped off at the scheduled appointment time in order to maintain our schedule.  A late fee may be charged or we may reschedule your appointment to a different day.


Please potty dogs before their appointment, and pick up after your pet.  Poopy bags are available in the mailbox on the house by the back steps.


We will call to let you know your dog(s) grooming is completed and needs to be picked up within 1 hour of our phone call unless prior arrangements have been made with us.  If your dog is not picked up the same day it is groomed, by closing time, the dog shall be deemed abandoned & will be turned over to the local animal shelter.  Owner will be responsible for all grooming charges plus $100.00 abandonment fee and any fees the shelter may assess.


We require 48 hours notice to cancel or change an appointment. You may be subject to a cancellation fee if we are unable to fill your appointment slot. Repeatedly changing appointments will require a prepayment of the fees before a future appointment can be made.  We understand emergencies can & do arise but please be respectful of our time and schedule.

  • If less then 48 hours:    1st No Show/Cancellation-no fee.

  • If less then 48 hours:    2nd No Show/Cancellation-charge a fee with next grooming.

  • Anytime:  3rd No Show/Cancellation-charge a fee & prepay before scheduling any appointment.

  • Late fee:  $1.00 per minute (unless prior arrangements are made).


If special handling is required for biting, wiggly or otherwise difficult dog, additional fees will be applied.  It takes staff extra time to carefully and safely deal with these issues.                


All dogs need to stay current on their vaccinations, including Rabies and Distemper/Parvo.  This is to protect all our furry friends & our staff.  Proof of vaccinations will be required.


Any injuries incurred that need veterinary attention will be owner’s responsibility to pay.


We DO NOT groom or bathe dogs with fleas.  If your dog has fleas, all fleas must be gone before bringing them to Plush Pup LLC.  If we find that your dog has any fleas, it will receive an emergency flea bath and you will be charged additional fees both for the flea bath & for decontaminating the shop.


All charges for service are to be paid at time of pick up of pet, or in advance with cash or check.  If a check is not honored there will be an NSF fee of $40.00.


I have read and agree to these policies:


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